Introducing 3D Printed Lamps by Vexma

Art Meets Technology

Art Meets Technology

While innovating Vexma breed of Designer lamps, We express our passion and desire to create sustainable energy saving auto lamps that enhances the aesthetics of its surroundings.

Sense To Save

Sense To Save

These stunning 3d printed lamps are embedded with motion or ambient light sensors that you can choose from. The Auto Sensing mode can be activated simply by pressing the Retro Knob .


  • An Energy-Efficient Lighting with 4 watt Filament LED Bulb.

  • Dimming features for adjusting the brightness


These beautiful designer table lamps are fully manufactured by the revolutionary technology of 3d printing. These designer lamps are embedded with adaptive light sensing technology based on motion or ambient light. On the press of the Retro-Knob a user will be able to switch between a regular lamp and an auto lamp.

The lamps are included with 4w dimmable filament LED bulbs. Both the bulb and the auto feature of the lamp acts as an energy saving device, providing lighting as and when needed. It is also included with a built-in high powered USB charger to power up Ipads, Tablets, Power-banks, Smartphones etc.


How do I setup the lamps?

The lamps are plug and play device and can be easily set up. All you need is to unwrap the packaging and plug it in the socket. Please go through the User Manual before proceeding ahead.

What material is the lamp made of?

The lamp is 3d printed with industrial ABS plastic.

Is the lamp provided with a LED bulb?

Yes! The lamp is provided with a 4 watt filament LED bulb. The LED bulb is dimmable and therefore the brightness can be adjusted using the Retro Knob.

Does it come with an in-built USB charger?

Yes! The base of the device has an ultra-fast USB charging outlet that will enable to charge devices such as IPhones, Tablets, Smart-phones, and Power-banks etc.

How Can I change back from Auto Sensing mode to Regular mode?

At a shot- Press of the Retro Knob button, you can easily switch between the Auto Sensing Mode and the Regular Mode.

What does the 90 day warranty include?

The 90 days warranty includes any electronic component failure. This excludes any damage with the Lamp shade, stand, base and the LED bulb.

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